Onsite Solutions

Onsite Services

One of the many services we provide to help customers as much as possible, and in any situation, is our onsite service. We can come out to your business or residence and help troubleshoot any problems that may not be showing themselves when the computer is in the store; or if it is too much an inconvenience to bring the entire computer setup to the store, we can come to you! From problems relating to dial-up internet connections or printer issues to network troubleshooting at either home or business, our staff can help you with whatever technical issues you may be having.

Network Setup

VGH provides the palouse with all the IT support it needs, including Network setup, troubleshooting, and migration. From a home network with just a couple computers on it to a business with 200; We can help provide a solution to any problem or request. We will work with you to help us understand exactly what you need and do so as efficiently as possible.

If you need to move your network to a new facility, expand your current network, or even design and implement a brand new one, we can help you with the transition so it goes as smoothly and without disruption of service as possible.

Whether your network (or planned network) is wired, wireless, or even fiber; we can help you with whatever you need. For a quote, feel free to Contact Us to discuss your network and how we can help you.

Laser Printer Repairs

In addition to our PC and Mac services, we also provide service on laser printers.

If your laser printer is jamming, feeding multiple pages at a time, or printing distorted images (too much toner, too little, or splotches) we can assess the issues and find out if we can order replacement parts to fix it, or if we can improvise a repair.

Data Recovery

VGH Computer Services can assist you with all of your data recovery needs! We have various methods of recovering data in-house on including

  • Solder repairs for broken connectors
  • Software and Hardware Recovery
  • Mail-in Recovery Services

With our hardware data recovery system, we are able to interface with your SATA device at a firmware level allowing for a higher data recovery success rate.

We can do this by bypassing the Windows operating system altogether and manipulating the basic functionality of the drive, including:

  • Controlling the read/write heads.
  • Turning the heads off and on.
  • Bypassing the read/write heads altogether.

This process allows us to run automatic resets of the device to allow for repeated attempts to recovery your critical data at a block level

Our data recovery services even have the capabilities of recovery from USB flash devices, so even those are not beyond hope.

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