Liquid Damage

If you’ve spilled any sort of liquid on your device – be it laptop, phone, or even desktop computer – it is important to Turn off your device and do not use it until it is cleaned. If there is a removable battery, it is also advisable to remove it. Removing power from a liquid-damaged device is the best way to prevent further damage.

When you bring in a device with liquid damage, our first priority is to stop all power running through the system – this means removing any batteries. After this, we will assess what tools and methods we need to use to clean your device most effectively. For the best cleaning, we have an ultrasonic cleaner and a commercial dryer that help us remove any corrosion that has occurred on the circuitboards and quickly dry the electronics, preventing further corrosion and reducing our turnaround time.

If you have a device with liquid damage, it is important to bring it in as soon as possible, in order to preserve the highest chance of recovering your device. If you have questions about our procedure or costs, contact us for more details.